Reversibility With a Flair!

Cable and Flare Scarf

My newest design, “Cable and Flare Scarf”, ¬†incorporates little cables that are identical on the front and the back of the scarf. In fact, the whole scarf is perfectly reversible! A very simple 2 stitch lace separates the cables that unwind into graceful flares at each end. The pattern is easily memorized and makes for some very satisfying knitting when you need a project that doesn’t require a lot of attention, yet isn’t boring. I knit most of this scarf either in the car (in the passenger’s seat of course!) or during my weekly knitting group meetings.

One of the best things that happened with this project is that I found a wonderful local photographer willing to work with me on making the best possible photos of my designs. Melissa Newcomb captured the spirit of the design in the photo above – and still was able to show the reversibility aspect and the detail of the cables and lace. Photographing knitting takes special considerations. I am so excited to work with Melissa again! In fact, we’ve already done a photo shoot for an upcoming sweater design. More on that in 2017!

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