Patience and Pattern Releases

One of the things I have been learning as a designer is that when you release a pattern has an effect on how well it sells. The greatest exposure a pattern gets on Ravelry (my main selling platform) is the day it is first released. Traditionally fewer patterns are sold on Ravelry in the late Spring and in the Summer than in the Fall or especially pre-holiday season. But another thing I have learned is that it is helpful to have fairly regular releases of new designs. Something new every month would be ideal! (I’m not quite that productive myself!) So lately I am trying to release my patterns with a little more thought.

Case in point – My newest design, “Welted Waves Hat”. I designed this hat at the same time as my “Welted Waves Cowl”. I have been holding onto this design for months, waiting for the weather to get that little nip in the air that gets people thinking about knitting a warm hat for themselves. In the meantime I released patterns I thought people might knit on their Summer vacation – “Simply Sweet Shawl” in June, and “Flora and Stella Socks” in July. A couple weeks before the end of August, when families are planning their back-to-school wardrobe, I released “Young at Heart Hat” – perfect for a special school hat for a little girl!

My garden in early September

My garden in early September

So it is almost time for my next release – it’s September, the pattern as been tech edited, test knit, the webpage is written, the Ravelry pattern page is drafted, and I am itching to press the “publish” button! But not quite yet. Patience. I am waiting for that day that every knitter has experienced – that subtle change in the quality of the air, or the wind, or the light, that urges you to get ready for the coming change. That makes you run inside to take up some good warm wool and get knitting! It’s almost here – patience, patience.

Update: Patience rewarded! You can now see more about this pattern HERE on the website, and purchase it on both Ravelry and Etsy.