My First Design For Babies

Baby Hat

We know two young women who are due to have babies soon and it inspired me to design a baby hat. After all, I am a designer now, so why not give knitted baby gifts of my own design? I actually had this design idea while knitting my Fun With Triangles Hat, but it is different from that hat in several ways. Firstly, it is a dk weight yarn more appropriate for baby items and I wanted to keep this one all in garter stitch since it is so wonderfully stretchy for fitting heads that grow so quickly. I wanted the effect of the zig-zag in the middle, so I chose to use just two colors and to keep the central shaping of the triangles less dominant than in my other design. I lay awake many nights thinking of all the various ways to construct the geometry of a triangle! And then the earflaps. How could I resist adding the little triangular earflaps to keep baby’s ears warm?

Baby Hat #1Getting photos was a problem since I no longer have any babies of my own. I posted on our local Facebook community page and a lovely young mom of three offered her little one as a model. It was my first time doing a photo shoot with a baby, but she is so cute that it was hard to take a bad shot!

I used Valley Yarns Valley Superwash DK yarn for this design and liked it for a machine washable wool. I plan to knit a few more myself in this yarn to have on hand for future babies. (Not so subtle hint to my grown-up kids!)

You can see more about the hat here and buy the pattern in my Ravelry store.