This week I finally got back to my cardigan pattern that has been hibernating since we moved a year ago. Hard to believe it’s been a year! I had the number crunching still to do for 3 of the sizes and was able to sit down and do that once I really committed to spending a day on it. The harder thing was the schematic – the diagram of the pieces with blocking measurements nicely added in key places. To be professional the diagram really has to be computer drawn. This was pretty intimidating for me! But I had found a great tutorial by Marnie McClean. She has a wonderful blog with tutorials that are very useful for designers. I followed her directions for drawing a schematic in Word, but having the newest edition of Word on my computer it took some adapting (read as: hair pulling and cursing) since they have changed so much of the tool bar. I then managed to get everything into my pattern format, obsess over it for days, and finally have a pdf to send for tech editing. Hoping to offer it to test knitters before the end of the month. It feels great to be finally making progress on this!

Working on the schematic.