Design space

I’ve been trying to get a good design-theme photo to use for the header of this blog – since it is going to be for my pattern design activities. The strange horizontal format is very difficult to work with. Couldn’t get anything to look right. Here is one of my tries – a picture of my work space on a snowy day. The drooping evergreen branches outside the window inspired my current project of traveling-stitch fir trees. Having trouble settling on a variation. Perhaps I have several different projects here!

designing trees

Designing trees for a yoke

A hat knitting binge!

Quincy hats

Quincy hats for all for Christmas!

one hat

Clever design!

For Christmas I went on a binge – knit a total of 9 Quincy hats. “Quincy” is designer Jared Flood’s brilliant pattern for a garter stitch hat based on a mobius strip. Really cute hat that looks good on anyone – as you can see by the photo, plus it is really fun to knit! Uses a provisional cast on and integrated i-cord. The mobius strip needs to be grafted and I finally got really good at kitchener stitch from this project! If I could figure out how to put a link to his pattern in this text I would. Highly recommended!

Update: Here is the link to the pattern page: Quincy Hat

Where is that?

I wrote that title thinking that you may be wondering about the gorgeous view depicted in my header image – but then realized that it was also appropriate for my wordpress learning experience. I keep trying to find where things are! Finally changed the tag line, and added a calendar! The view is from the bedroom of our new home in Lubec, Maine. We’re not there yet – but can’t wait to be!

Update – I’ve since changed the header image but you can get an idea by looking at the picture in the July 31st post (2011).