Seriously Warm Ears!

You may have noticed a theme in my designing – I am obsessed with being warm! I suspect that comes from living in Maine, where the wind and temperature can combine to make you seriously miserable. This new design – Family Whirlwind Hat – gets top ratings for keeping ears warm. The secret is the double layer brim to add both coziness and wind blocking. Another advantage of this feature is that it makes it possible to use the warmest wool possible for the exterior – no matter how rustic – and then knit the brim lining in a softer, next to the skin type of wool, or even cotton for the extra sensitive.

I wanted this to be a pattern to be used over and over – knit a warm hat for everyone in the family with the 5 sizes included. My son, Joe, was my photographer again on this design and got adorable photos despite the kids having to be bundled up in heavy winter coats on the hot Summer day of the photo shoot.

But the weather has changed! Right as I released this pattern our temperatures plummeted from above average for November to below average – down to the teens at night. Today I grabbed the adult sample hat for my morning walk and it really did the job!

Do you know someone that wants warm ears? You can check out more about Family Whirlwind Hat, and see some more photos, here or in my Ravelry Store.

A Knitting Cage for My Studio!


My cozy knitting corner in my tiny studio.

I am thrilled with the most recent addition to my studio! Did you ever hear of a knitting cage? I hadn’t either until yesterday when my husband and I struck up a conversation with a lovely older gentleman at the table next to us in a restaurant. When I mentioned I was a knitter and designer he promptly gave us directions to his house and told us to stop by after our meal, he had something to give me. (Oh how I love living in the friendly state of Maine!)

We took a short drive up to his beautiful hilltop home and he presented me with what he called a “knitting cage”. He had made one of these for his wife back in the day, and all her knitting friends had requested one. He made a dozen and still many years later had just one left he’d been saving. I feel honored he decided I was the one to receive it! And it is just perfect in my tiny studio! It fits right next to my knitting chair where there wasn’t enough space for a table. It gives me a spot to set things down, and it holds the ball of yarn safely in the cage so it doesn’t roll around on the floor while using it. What a great invention! Now I know why all the knitters wanted one! He says he won’t be making any more, but I just thought his fine idea should be shared and celebrated!

Hunting Season Hat for Fall!

Website Photo#1

Fall is hunting season in Maine and needs to be noted for all of us non-hunters as well! Two articles of fluorescent orange are the best way to dress out in the woods this time of year. For years we have had those stretchy acrylic one size fits all hats. This year I decided we needed nice hand-knit hats instead. Something more interesting than plain ribbing, but still stretchy – and in nice warm wool! Thus my newest design – “Hunting Season Hat”! See more about it HERE, or in my Ravelry Store.

Briggs and Little, being based in near-by New Brunswick, Canada, makes a special “Hunter Orange” wool yarn just for this purpose. I finished the sample just in time to take with us on our September vacation to Spencer Pond Camps, on Big Spencer Lake, near Greenville Maine. The real North Woods of Henry David Thoreau! What a wonderful location for a photo shoot! My handsome husband kindly consented to model the hat that he has claimed for his own. And we had an amazing several days in a rustic but cozy off the grid cabin right on the shores of a remote wilderness lake. We even saw a couple moose! We will definitely be going back!

Knitting by the shore of beautiful Spencer Pond.

Knitting by the shore of beautiful Spencer Pond.

This is "Little" Spencer Mountain as seen from Spencer Pond Camps.

This is “Little” Spencer Mountain as seen from Spencer Pond Camps.


We are Mainers!

I can’t believe it has been 6 weeks since we moved here to Lubec, Maine. Loving every minute of it! Unfortunately, my whole design initiative has been put on hold during the move and probably until the fall. Eventually things will calm down and I will pick up with this part of my life. The picture at the top of this post was taken from our new home when we were up here last April.

Where is that?

I wrote that title thinking that you may be wondering about the gorgeous view depicted in my header image – but then realized that it was also appropriate for my wordpress learning experience. I keep trying to find where things are! Finally changed the tag line, and added a calendar! The view is from the bedroom of our new home in Lubec, Maine. We’re not there yet – but can’t wait to be!

Update – I’ve since changed the header image but you can get an idea by looking at the picture in the July 31st post (2011).